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Technology support for your small business

Running a small business is filled with challenges - why let technology be one of them? Cedar & Holly is here to remove your technical hurdles so that your business can grow and thrive. 

With just one 30-minute consultation we'll be able to immediately identify your business pain points and develop a plan for how to resolve them. Don't let your tech challenges waste even one more minute of your time - book your consultation today!


Technical Support

E-mail, phone, and on-site support for all of your devices and software, as well as technical training and tutoring services. Don't let tech challenges bog you down!

Managed Services

Setup and maintenance of your technical infrastructure - on-site or in the cloud. Stay ahead of the curve while keeping your data safe & secure!

Websites & Design

Website development, creative design, website content, SEO, and technical writing services. Get online attention and help your business rank high andstand out.

Service Plans

By-The-Hour & Emergency 

When unforeseen issues arise, Cedar & Holly is there for you! Whether you just need occasional support or an emergency arises, the support you need is available without long-term commitments or investments

Flat Fee

Knowing costs up front can help projects stay on track and run smoothly. From website builds to server deployments, project-based pricing will help you get what you need within your budget.

Retainer & Managed Services

Regular maintenance is important for maintaining a healthy computing environment. With monthly support hours and/or on-site visits, we can keep your devices and network secure and stable.

Service Plans

Ready to find out more?

Every minute you don't take action is time and opportunity lost. With a strong tech backbone supporting your business, you are free to grow your business and get it tuned like a well-oiled machine. Stop fighting needless battles - setup your FREE 30-minute consultation TODAY and let Cedar & Holly put you back in the driver's seat on the road to success!

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